I thank my tutor, Annabelle Sreberny for her patience and encouragement without which this project had not been possible. I also thank her for opening many doors to intellectual engagement and providing inspiration for rediscovering a passion for learning.

I also thank British Council for a great opportunity to expand my horizons. I would also like to thank Mark Hobart and Anita Howarth for introducing me to theory and methods.

A few names that made this project a great learning experience: Bouventra de Sousa Santos and Stefania Milan for readily sharing unpublished manuscripts and papers; Fellows and Associates of LEAD for accepting the invitation to participate in the survey; Guiseppe Caruso and Ruchi Tripathi for sharing their first hand experiences of the World Social Forum; all other friends and colleagues across the continents for their valuable contribution whose names I have not been able to mention due to the constraint of space. I am truly grateful to all of you.

Finally, my deep gratitude to my family for moral, symbolic and emotional support.

School of Oriental and African Studies, London

Copyrights © 2005 Sumaira Sagheer Toor
Masters Dissertation, MA in Global Media and Postnational Communication, School of Oriental and African Studies, London